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My method of treatment aims to be successful solving problems at the origin of the matter, by means of medical and dietetic measures, scientifically proved as effective for the natural restoration of the metabolic balance and consequently of the health.
It’s a medical food therapy that achieves goals by a method based on continuous innovation, providing patients with medical advances and new advances in the science of nutrition.

Continuous studies, a long experience in the field and a personal tendency for this type of activity allow me to be a point of reference and a safe guide during the path to the new physical, psychic and metabolic condition.

Each of us often lives a physical, aesthetic, and psychological condition very far from their real potential.
By means of food plans developed with advanced technologies, integrated with appropriate behavioural rules, you can really get an improvement in your condition.
It is a modern dietetics, based on scientific truth and in line with its continuous updates, which stays outside of the transitional modes: a method of treatment that I practice and to which I have been dedicating my professional activity for more than thirty years.
My method is exclusive and avails itself of new and great perspective therapeutic solutions, adjusted by me such as "The Twin Method", "The open Mediterranean Diet" and "The progressive Evolution", that are largely explained in the proper sections.


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