MY BOOK: The basics and heights of the nutritionist’s job

In my book titled "The basics and heights of the nutritionist's job", based on a thirty-year experience, I explain the operational diet, which is very useful in daily work, so that nutrition professionals who read it are facilitated to familiarize immediately with the practical aspects of this work.
The result is an handbook useful to both the beginner and the most experienced ones.
In this text I expose for the first time my important scientific discovery, the Twin method, devoting a whole chapter to it.
I also explain the innovative methods of treatment I have realized such as the Progressive evolution and the open Mediterranean diet.
A book that is surely avant-garde, rich in interesting contents, which has the main purpose of making every nutritionist an expert.

The volume is edited by the Progeo Editorial Group. 


My medical office has an arrangement with the Carlo Bo University of Urbino for the carrying out of traineeships, experimental theses, and with the University of Camerino for the internships.
In my office, it is also possible to attend private training courses for nutritionists, collective or individual, for a variable duration of time.
Training courses are both theoretical and practical.
In these courses I teach operative dietetics and  how to relate to the patient, make the first examination and the periodic examinations. The different aspects of the treatment are developed, the food interviews, the planning of diet therapy, the updating of treatment, etc.
I also explain how to apply the new methods of treatment I have conceived, such as the Twin method, the Progressive evolution, and the open Mediterranean diet.


Reservation of a first examination takes place contacting the office by telephone.

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