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For patients residing outside the national territory, we have activated an advanced system that allows them to be followed online.

  • the first visit should necessarily be carried out at my office where I will plan the therapy.
  • the patient periodically contacts the office by setting an appointment using a VoIP technology system; in this way, it is possible to make a face-to-face interview, during which questions about the application of the therapy are asked, and knowledge about food education and behavioural norms necessary to follow the food plan are provided. The study staff will provide you with all the information you need to implement this communication system in a simple way. If patient can’t use this type of technology, this procedure can be implemented by telephone.
  • I personally send emails of all the supplementary documentation to the therapy that I consider appropriate, depending on the interview.
  • after a certain period of time and / or following physical changes, a visit to my office is required to plan a new therapy.

For proper information, it is reminded that the medical examination performed in my office is the only diagnostic tool for effective therapeutic treatment, and only and exclusively in this context the therapy will be developed. The advice provided by telematics way should be merely considered as behavioural suggestions aimed at the best application of the therapy itself.


Reservation of a first examination takes place contacting the office by telephone.

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