Can I have directions to find the office?

For detailed information on the location of the office you can look at the "Contacts" section, which describes the route to reach us from different cities, you can browse Google Maps and see photos of the building.
In order to avoid mistakes, it’s good to keep in mind that the office is located on the west side of the building and on the second floor.

What is the best way to communicate during the treatment?

The preferred means of communication is the telephone, because questions related to the food plan or to the appointments management have interlocutory character and it is not possible to give extensive answers via e-mail.

What types of diets are elaborated in the office?

We elaborate diets for weight loss, weight gain, sportsmen, and food plans for an appropriate nutrition of adults, children and teenagers, and for the treatment of many pathological conditions.
The essential requirement for any type of diet is the nutritional completeness. To this purpose, during the first telephone interview, the office staff addresses a few simple questions to make sure there are the conditions to make a balanced and complete diet.

If for force majeure reasons, I can’t be at the regular updating examination, what should I do?

During the treatment, periodic refresher examinations should never be extended, because they are essential to maintain steady the driving force of the diet.
If, for force majeure reasons, however, you are unable to respect the set date, you may extend the examination for a few days upon previous telephone arrangements.
If the extension concerns a longer period of time, you will be asked to suspend the diet and we will give you the appropriate indications. The diet can be resumed only after a regular refresher examination.

If I couldn’t follow the diet for a period, I have to come to the regular updating examination?

If you haven’t followed the diet you have to resume it in the best way and this is impossible without carrying out a periodic refresher examination.
In these cases, we provide you with the most appropriate updates to optimize the result.

Which tests should I bring along to make my first examination?

In the section "Reservations" there is a list of routine tests to bring along for the first examination. However, other clinical tests may be required.

Can I make my first visit without conducting the tests?

You can make your first examination sending afterwards the required tests via fax or email.

How long does treatment last?

The duration of treatment depends on the type of goal you want to achieve, so it is different from case to case.

Optimising your time it is very important to follow the food plan and never extend your regular refresher examinations during your treatment.

Working outside the home: is there the possibility to have on my diet easy preparations that can be eaten at my workplace?

A peculiar feature of my method is that there are many solutions that require little time for preparation and can be brought and eaten in a different place from your home. Such solutions may be included in the food plan from the beginning of the diet therapy or during the periodic refresh examinations if the need arises later on.

How do diets for children and teenagers differ from the ones for adults?

Food plans simultaneously take into account the process of growth and improvement of metabolic and weight status.
Following a diet that supplies nutrients in order to help the growth at its best, leads to remove those mistakes that have led to metabolic and / or ponderal problems.

The use of food supplements is involved?

My plans are nutritionally complete and usually don’t involve the use of supplements.
However, it is scientifically demonstrated that some categories of people can benefit from an increase in some nutrients only with the use of supplements.
I personally do research in this area and I work for the development of specific supplements for the type of diet followed.

What kind of knowledge about nutrition and dietetics are provided to people in treatment?

My method gives those who are in treatment the dietary culture about foods and provides information about their:

  • choice;
  • preparation;
  • preservation.

Important indications are also given, furthermore, on many aspects that facilitate the best sticking to your diet.

Instead I don’t give information about the scientific basis of my method of treatment for the reasons described below.

  • in the absence of specific knowledge about dietetics and nutrition, my answers may not be understood correctly;
  • comprehensive explanations of scientific concepts need time and modality that are incompatible with normal study activity. I should therefore provide a "spot" dietary culture that is as useless as misleading;
  • many of my nutritional solutions are copyrighted and therefore I am not authorized to divulge them.

Are there other doctors who use the same method of treatment?
My method is exclusive and it is adopted exclusively by me.

We know, however, that there are some ‘characters’ who are not doctors, who claim to adopt my own curative criteria even though they don’t have the slightest knowledge of it.
Someone asserts that she worked for me, even though she has never met me.
There are even inexperienced figures who are trying to impersonate me through special Internet communications.
For this reason, in the "Contacts" section, there are photos that clearly show the location of my office. In this way, everyone can be sure to avoid to fall into mistakes.


Reservation of a first examination takes place contacting the office by telephone.

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