Gut microbiota care

For microflora or intestinal microbiota is meant the whole of the microscopic organisms who live, proliferate and die in the intestinal lumen, particularly in a zone called colon.
There are essentially three large groups of microorganisms present in the microbiota.

  • Good bacteria: they are useful to the body, they are the majority of the microbial population.
  • Harmful bacteria: they can cause damage to the body especially when their concentration rises.
  • Neutral bacteria: they are normally harmless and can only become pathogens under particular conditions.

When these microorganisms belonging to different species coexist in equilibrium contribute to our health, intestinal microflora plays a vital role in maintaining the function and well-being of both the intestine and the entire body. If there are alterations in the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal microbiota, disorders of different importance may occur.
Modern scientific research has demonstrated, in particular, that when the intestinal microflora is in a state of equilibrium, it plays a decisive role in preventing obesity and diabetes, improving immune defences, preventing some types of cancer, and some neurological diseases.
It has also been pointed out that a personalized and rich in specific nutrients diet, can help to improve the balance of intestinal bacterial flora. To achieve this goal, during the treatment of each patient, I carry out many dietary measures, selected over the years based on my experience and my continuous studies.


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