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According to the modern nutrition science, teamwork is a precious tool to ensure adequate assistance for those who are in food therapy. That’s why I have been collaborating with graduated, trained and selected staff over the years.

My collaborators, in addition to dealing with telephone contacts, have a complementary role to me in food education, or better, they help you understand any mistakes that may compromise the results and your correct eating habits.
This knowledge is important to guarantee that the results achieved will remain stable over time.


The food plan delivered includes an extensive introduction and explanatory sections about foods in the various diet-days.
In the final part of the food plan, there are CADs, which give specific explanations for each food assigned and provide advice about the choice, preservation and preparation of foods.
In addition to the dietary prescription, the patient is provided with two dossiers:

  • during the first visit a first dossier is given, concerning my fundamental ideology, phases of therapy and many other necessary knowledge in order to undertake the treatment at its best
  • then, together with the diet, a second dossier is given, which explains how to deal with food therapy.

After having carefully read all the information provided, if there are any doubts or questions, the qualified staff, assigned to contacts, will provide the requested assistance.

All the office contacts are indicated on the home page of the diet. In regard to analysis or documents, the preferential way is always by fax or e-mail.


For the good success of the therapy it is essential that you personally attend regularly the periodical update examinations, while ensuring you will never postpone them.
For any unavailability due to force majeure reasons, it is recommended to contact the office in advance  (at least one or two days before) to avoid any inconvenience.
If you don’t communicate your impossibility to attend the examination, the office reserves the right to take care of those who are on the waiting list.
The appointment for the regular examinations is fixed from time to time at the end of the examination itself. Any changes, due to force majeure reasons, must be requested by telephone, however, the appointment should not be delayed for more than 7 days.


Reservation of a first examination takes place contacting the office by telephone.

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