Twin method

It has always been thought that at the basis of overweight and obesity there was only an excessive energy intake compared with the real needs of the body.
Thanks to a personal study that I have been doing for over ten years, I have found out that there is another aspect which hasn’t been considered until today. It is a deficiency of a group of nutrients that in fact promotes overweight and obesity.
At the heart of these conditions, there are so two mechanisms, one concerning excesses and one food deficiencies.


These mechanisms underlying overweight and obesity contribute to the establishment of these conditions. For this reason, I have called this method twin, because it’s necessary both to prescribe a slimming diet and to ensure the intake of those nutrients which mustn’t be deficient. Only considering both aspects, expected results can be achieved and stabilized over time.


Nutrients whose deficiency promotes overweight represent the so-called twin code, whose knowledge is essential for the correct treatment of overweight and obesity.


To understand better the value of the twin method just think of some situations that often occur to a nutritionist:

  • low calorie diets but lacking in certain nutrients can’t produce results even when well-followed;
  • there are people who are overweight despite eating little food;
  • patients following nutritionally complete diets who don’t get results when they make the only mistake of arbitrarily reducing the amount of food.



In my opinion, the twin code is certainly a consequence of the evolution of the genetic code to which mankind has met over the millennia, because of the multiple situations of famine and the consequent nutritional deficiencies over time.
When body detects the diet as a famine, due to the deficit of strategic nutrients, it puts into action mechanisms that, though indirectly, contrasts the weight loss.
The twin code nutrients deficiency is an alarm system for the body that put itself in a security situation increasing food intake, removals and storages, in the pursuit of insuring itself the vital nutrients to survive.


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